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Every week two idiots get together to record some words.

One tries to teach the other, and usually fails...

Rig and Cuffy bring you Character Craft, a podcast about the World of Warcraft and the inhabitants that call the place home!

Each week we choose one of those inhabitants to discuss and present it to you, the amazing listener, in a form that aims to be entertaining, enlightening and engrossing!

Tune in every week for a new episode,

featuring guest appearances and a lot of laughs!



The Hosts


Stefan 'Rig' Spencer

Rig is a mountain of a man, not only in stature but in personality.

Loud and big mouthed, he loves to get his point across regardless if he's wrong or not, even arguing with Google at points.


Stephen 'Cuffy' Cuthbertson

Everyone's favorite "Bog-standard, balding, fatman". He really does try his best, bless him.

Stephen is a loving husband and dad, a real family man's man.


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